Network: AS4242420151

This network is part of the dn42 network.



Location: UK, London, HostHatch
Hostname: dn42-uk-london0.dn42.bauen1.xyz
Public IPv4:
Public IPv6: 2a0e:dc0:5:2f::2
bird shell: ssh bird-lg@dn42-uk-london0.dn42.bauen1.xyz


Location: DE, Frankfurt, Virtono
Hostname: de-fra0.dn42.bauen1.xyz
Public IPv4:
Public IPv6: 2001:ac8:20:3::3cdf:c1d3

BGP Communities

From the DN42 Communities only Latency and Crypto are implemented.

Routing policy

  1. Strict ROA is applied, if your route results in anything but ROA_VALID it is rejected.
  2. Routes that belong to a peering ASN are always prefered.
  3. The route with the shortest bgp path is prefered.
  4. Routes with a lower link latency are prefered.


I'm open to peering using wireguard, if you're interested, send me an e-mail or ping me on irc.